How To Pay Less For
The Right Fit College  

For Parents of High School Teens

I love helping active parents like you, be even more of a hero to your kid. 

⬣ Organize And Coordinate Everything- get ahead of the ball

⬣ Save ON The Cost Of College- not just for it

⬣ Understand Scholarships, Admissions and Financial Aid

⬣ Position yourself to Appeal Financial Aid Offers

Create your best "Short List" of Right-Fit schools

⬣ Start your student off right, without ruining retirements

College planning can feel overwhelming.

It's like every time you figure out the next step, a new puzzle gets put in your way. You are not alone, most parents feel behind the curve. But it's not your fault. It's no wonder... with books, guidance counselors, friends, Facebook groups, and even your advisor, agent, accountant, and attorney giving you conflicting advice. They all mean well, but college has gotten far more complex and costly in the last 10 years.

You need unbiased information... about who to trust, what to watch out for, and exactly what to do.

I have studied with some of the best education consultants in the country, and integrated that wisdom into a set of steps you can follow. So that you don't get over your head. So that, you can understand the process and not just trust some random person. So that you can save hundreds of hours of time, and get outcomes that are only probable when working with an experienced guide.

We specialize in providing extreme value for families going through the "sandwich" years. This starts with one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever face, sending your kids to college without ruining your retirement, or theirs. Most parents overpay for college, even very smart ones, even those who get academic scholarships from private schools.

This is an even more complicated situation for business owners, where the government thinks you can pay a lot more than you can really afford.

The next biggest challenge you will face is figuring out the right path to exit your business exit or work optional phase of life. Retiring is far more complicated for business owners, especially owner operators. Over 80% of business owners never sell their businesses.

The sandwich generation, or the big squeeze:  When you are starting to take care of your parents, getting ready to send your kids off to college (or dealing with the half empty nest). Everyone is depending on you, and you still need to figure out retirement, your legacy, and how to get the most out of your business.

This is the time in your life when you need an ally and thinking partner the most. We help you protect and plan for all the people, and things, you love.

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